Hi, I'm Mario Barceló

An ever-growing Front-end Developer

👨🏻‍💻 A Front-end Developer with solid knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

💪🏼 A devoted team player with strong problem-solving abilities and good taste in design.

✅ Perfect fit: a company where I can make meaningful contributions and consolidate as a developer.

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Current challenge: Diving deeper in the waters of JavaScript.

Next step: embarking on React.

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'Hands-on is minds-on'. This is how I see coding; you need to get your hands dirty, but there is worthwhile learning in the end. Here are some of my latest projects:


Don't waste your time, choose your next movie here! MovieScore fetches info from an API and shows TV series and film scores to its users, helping them to make informed decisions.


  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Fetch API

Marvol Store

Make your favourite superheroes part of your everyday life. Marvol is the ideal animated landing page for selling unique limited products.


  • HTML & CSS
  • CSS Grid
  • Animations


Music everywhere from anywhere! Spotifu is a visual recreation of one of the most popular audio streaming platforms in the world.


  • HTML & CSS
  • CSS Grid
  • CSS Modules

About Me

Almost accidentally, my curiosity and eagerness to learn have led me to the challenging world of making designs alive through code while taking care of little details. It was actually a good friend of mine that introduced me to this profession, almost three years ago.

Now, I see it as the perfect ecosystem where my love for handcrafting, my passion for helping others and my determination to overcome problems intertwined harmoniously.

I believe that my enthusiasm and perseverance will keep me on the right path during this exciting journey of coding.

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